Wikipedia defines millennials as: “the generational demographic cohort following Generation X.” While that is a bit vague as there are no precise dates for when the Millennial cohort begins and ends, we typically use the period of time between the early 1980s and the mid-1990s to early 2000s. Some refer to millennials as “echo boomers” since they are the children of the baby boomers and there was a surge in birth rates in the late 80s and early 90s. Whatever you call them and whenever they were born, it is important for businesses to understand just what it is millennials want and how they can provide it.

What Do Millennials Want?

While most millennials view climate change and global conflict as their most critical issues, on a more basic level, millennials want technology that works for them. AI, blockchain and internet privacy are major concerns and factors that decide how millennials live, work and spend their money.

Within those factors are subsets which can include ways to make each of those wants better. Better artificial intelligence, ways to use blockchain for credit cards and data processing and privacy and security while online. These are all features that businesses have the ability to offer, but just how many are doing that?

Millennials Want Customised Experiences

Millennials want everything to become their own. They want authenticity in their daily lives and the ability to personalize everything they come in contact with to create unique experiences that improve their personal and professional lives. Essentially, millennials want what every generation before them wanted, but with technology, millennials can achieve their goals much easier.

With this extensive want list, very few businesses are ready to accommodate the needs of millennials as they seem set in their ways. What they need to understand is that as technology grows and changes, so should their way of doing things.

Batrix Was Made for Millennials

Batrix understands this concept and understands the needs of millennials. We have created a lifestyle credit card service based on blockchain technology that offers our customers a custom credit card experience with many luxury features that traditional credit cards don’t offer. Batrix was made for the high earning millennial who is driven to building their wealth and want a credit card service that matches their drive.

To learn more about Batrix and how blockchain technology is making the credit card experience better for millennials, contact us today.

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